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18 holes Par 72

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9 holes Par 3

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Local rules

  • Out of bounds: the other side of the water surrounding the course, or indicated by white poles (Rule 27-1).
  • Shell trails, adjacent trees and remote marker poles are considered as a fixed obstacle and may be avoided in accordance with Rule 24-2.
  • Land under treatment (GUR in its Dutch acronym) is indicated by blue poles or blue lines. In case of Obstruction (Rule 25-1a) by GUR, the Obstruction must be avoided in accordance with Rule 25-1b.
  • If a ball ends up in the water hazard of holes 5 or 6, or if it is known or is practically certain that a ball which cannot be found is in it, the player may:
    - Play in accordance with Rule 26-1, or
    - Drop a ball in the dropping zone (DZ) with one penalty stroke.

Please replace turf, repair pitch-marks and rake bunkers!

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